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So we're now living in the Soviet Union - that's all you had to write was that we are all now living in a tyrannical Marxist-dominated radical revolutionary socialist state.
Re: Democrats want IRS to monitor inflows and outflows of all bank accounts with a balance of $600 or greater. BLATANTLY TOTALITARIAN. -- TEEBONE Post Reply Top of thread Forum

Posted by: LateForLunch

08/11/2021, 19:21:04

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What they are doing is giving an already deeply-corrupted agency even MORE power than they had BEFORE they started targeting private citizens for political attack as directed by the Eightball Obama administration.

Not even resolute efforts by DJT were able to remove the people, laws and procedures which enabled that episode of conversion of the IRS into an apparatchik of the 'Crats in their obsession with creating a one-party oligarchy to replace our Constitutional, free-representative republic.

It is clear they intend to push everything to either total victory for the Marxists in every last respect as outlined in the Communist Manifesto, or into an armed civil conflict with those who refuse to assent to their overthrow of our system of government.

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