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Why have so many pandemics of the last 100+ years come out of what is now called the PRC (China)?
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Posted by: LateForLunch

08/08/2021, 06:06:58

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I want to be fair - my gut-level sense is that there is so much chaos in the PRC by nature, that the term "control" or "management" of the population has a variety of definitions none of which approach "mastery" . The approach to governance of the PRC seems to be largely reactive, not proactive.

I get that what is now the PRC has over 1 billion population, many of whom are at poverty-level (or close). Some flues have come from cultivating black rats for consumption, some from a transgenic leap (supposedly) from swine-herds to humans (through fecal matter as the primary vector). Now speculation and evidence are being presented that the most-recent pandemic not only came from a PRC research lab, but also may have been tweaked by genetic engineers to jump to human beings (for several "medical research" purposes according to Fauci).

There is only so much a top-down government can actually do to "govern" a population of 1 billion.

That is a formidable task but can there be no way to end the regular bestowal upon the Human Race of a deadly pandemic - over and over again?

In the last century or so, we've had two highest-death-rate pandemics Spanish Flu (which strong evidence suggests very-likely originated in China) and the Wuhan Flu, both come from the same country.

Is there any way to get a grip on a population of that size? Should it be broken up into smaller parts so it can be managed instead of reacted-to?

I'd like to believe that Xi didn't know about the events at Wuhan and the aftermath - until it was too late to change anything. But if so, how can such a thing happen at what is supposedly a top-echelon "research" lab which handles things like LETHAL VIRUSES???

How can the Chinese officials who (mis)managed the situation simply try to export the disease out of the country without Xi being aware? Either way THAT'S A MAJOR PROBLEM, no? Either they did it without his consent or without his knowledge. Either way...

It's the sort of thing that happens when organizations without accountability (like the Mafia) get too much money/power. They set up shady labs doing shady things without any intense government oversight.

Last time I checked, no global pandemics have originated in any non-Marxist nations lately (never).

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