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Not bad, General! (did you ever write jokes in H-Wood?)
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Posted by: LateForLunch

08/06/2021, 23:23:33

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H-Wood is strange in some ways - when a person says something funny in the presence of Industry (entertainment) people, they often don't laugh or smile much, they just say with sincerity, "That's FUNNY." It is meant as a compliment.

Concerning demon possession, I didn't use to believe in its possibility until I saw some sh*t. Most supposed incidents are BS, but I swear the real thing exists.

I think it's more like portrayed in the movie The Possession of Michael King - a person has to invite demons into one's soul to live. The healthy body/mind fights actively against the possession, but even instinct and morality may succumb to raw will. IOW, a person must be REALLY determined to become ridden by a demon - 'cause they must be able to ignore all of the accouterments of the demon's destructiveness raging around and within them.

Usually hard drug abuse is involved IMO.

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