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Hopefully it will get them annoyed enough that they will switch to voting Republican.
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08/05/2021, 20:42:01

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Poll: Hispanics hate politically correct 'Latinx' terminology

WND News Services
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By Steven Hall
Daily Caller News Foundation

Only of 4% Hispanic adults prefer to use the term Latinx to self-identify, according to a Gallup survey published Wednesday.

Gallup asked Americans with Latin American cultural ties whether they preferred to be called Hispanic, Latino, or Latinx. Latinx is a new gender-neutral term used as an alternative to Latino or Latina.

The poll found that 57% of Hispanic respondents didn’t prefer any term, 23% preferred Hispanic, 15% favored Latino, and only 4% chose Latinx.

The poll also asked which term they lean toward if they had to choose. A majority of 57% preferred Hispanic, while 37% choose Latino, and 5% said Latinx.

The Gallup poll was based on telephone interviews conducted from June 1 to July 5, with a random sample of 302 Hispanic adults. The margin of error was 7 percentage points.

Should the term "Latinx" be used?

Gallup’s findings confirm a previous poll conducted by the Pew Research Center in August 2020. According to that poll, only 23% of Hispanic respondents had heard of Latinx, and 3% were using it.

Among Hispanics aged 18 to 29, 42% of respondents said they had heard of it, compared with 7% of those ages 65 or older, according to the poll.

Hispanic college students are more likely to be aware of the term Latinx, with 38% of graduates saying they had heard of it, and 31% with some college experience saying the same, according to the poll. Only 14% of Hispanics with just a high school diploma said they know the term.

The term Latinx has been mocked by commentators like talk show host Bill Maher, who said in June the term was only used by “pandering white politicians.”

President Joe Biden referred to Latinx in June when he said he believed Latinos are not receiving COVID-19 vaccinations at the same rate as whites because “they’re worried that they’ll be vaccinated and deported.”

“It’s awful hard to get Latinx vaccinated as well,” Biden said at a Raleigh, North Carolina, community center. Statistics indicated 42.6% of Latinos have received at least one COVID-19 vaccine dose, compared to 48.8% of whites and 37.8% of African-Americans, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation.

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