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Posted by: LateForLunch ®

08/05/2021, 13:06:41

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When I worked at a T.V. studio (soap opera) I got to know the below-the-line technical (IATSE/NABET) people like lighting directors, electricians, soundboard operators, camera people. This gave me a good insight into the actual dynamics of the production. A common scenario is where a director (who is responsible for the totality of the production) storms into the lighting control room, marches up to the Lighting Director demanding that he "fix" something about the lighting in a scene. The LD patiently accompanies the exercised director to the set, walks through the lighting grid with his head electrician and a light-meter. After at least 30 minutes or more, the LD assures the Director he has found the problem, promises to fix it immediately. A break is declared (bellowed by the AD over a bullhorn). 

The LD goes back to the light board, picks up a radio (which the Director does not have) makes it known to the entire  crew that ABSOLUTELY NOTHING IS TO BE CHANGED IN ANYTHING. The break ends, the director goes back into the control room, examines the "fixed" lighting, is VERY satisfied. Continues production with complete contentment. 

A very similar thing was done by a friend doing a live-performance sound board for the band Devo. During the sound check bassist/singer Jerry Casale storms into the control room demanding that the board operator (my friend) FIX THE SOUND OF HIS BASS GUITAR. When asked to be more specific about what is wrong, Casale angrily shouts that it, "sounds f***ed!!" My friend then listens to him rant/rave for ten minutes, assures him that the sound problem will be fixed immediately. My friend changes NOTHING. Casale returns to the stage, continues playing. After a minute Casale looks up at the sound booth and gives a double thumbs up! 

The perception is the reality. 

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