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Music review : Brave (Sara Bareilles)
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Posted by: LateForLunch ®

08/05/2021, 11:35:50

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I don't know much about the artist - she could be a raving Marxist for all I know, but this song and video stand alone as remarkable. There is some positive psychology in the lyrics that are especially resonant with women (and how they feel about males in their lives). Normal women prefer brave males. They want their male children, husbands, boyfriends, fathers, brothers, friends to have the courage to speak truthfully and spontaneously when prompted by request or demand of life. At one point she sings that she wants to, "see how big your BRAVE is!" (an obvious double-entendre). Thankfully Bareilles's official video and lyrics are remarkably devoid of ideological slant- which sort of makes it conservative-leaning in that regard (Marxists inject ideology into the morning traffic reports).  

As mentioned, I don't know the artist well, just this song is brilliant. I was disappointed by the way a great song by another female artist Ingrid's Michaelson's infectious slip-and-slide rhythm Girls Chase Boys which she ('prolly by insistence of record company execs) tried to turn into some sort of transgender anthem (rolls eyes). The Girls Chase Boys song, stand-alone is amazing. But Ms. Michaelson used her song in an unappealing, ideologically-deviate way for the official (oh! Fecal!) video - 'prolly to try to further her larger career (sucking *ss to ACFs). It appears that Sara Bareilles avoided that obvious gambit with her Brave video. In Ms. Bareilles case, the official video is normal - and I thought, charming/humorous in a good way. Here it is...

Sara Bareilles - Brave (Official Video) - YouTube

Just for the Helluva it, below is posted a link to Ingird Michaelson's Girl Chase Boys song but it is NOT the official (record company-released) video. Don't watch the official (VEVO etc) video version. See Ms. Michaelson put a bunch of cross-dressing drag queens in the official video for some GD reason. The song itself is cool, but the official video she did made me want to puke - unwatchable. Again, I posted just the song with scrolling lyrics next to a pic of the artist (who is not unattractive) - no mo ho mo.  

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