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Dr. (Reverend) Fauci caught "mansplaining" to Dr. Walensky on news program.
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Posted by: LateForLunch ®

08/02/2021, 17:17:28

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I generally laugh at or detest efforts to condemn people for things like "mansplaining", but rarely I can see the point of people who complain about it. 

About 4:15 PM EDT Dr. (Infallible) Fauci and Dr. Walensky both top-echelon CDC officials were on C-SPAN doing a split-screen with a news-reader who asking them questions. Dr. Walensky (Fauci's colleague, not his subordinate) answered a question (sent by a viewer) concerning  booster-shots for the vaccines. 

Dr. Walensky answered the question, (neglecting to cover a couple of points of vagueness IMO) then the newsreader asked Dr. Fauci if he had anything to add. I waited to see if he would cover the areas of vagueness (regarding how or whether or not to get a booster) but all Fauci said was, "She did a very good job." It was like a professor giving his approval of a statement by a student at a lecture Q and A. I thought it was truthfully, more-than-a-little condescending (especially since the question was actually not answered as simply/comprehensively as it could have been).

Normally when colleagues of equivalent rank agree with each other, the response goes something like, "That was a very comprehensive answer that Doctor Walensky gave. I can't think of anything to add to it." One would not say of a male colleague for instance,"He did a good job," as if giving approval to a young person or a subordinate. In professional settings, one generally does not refer to a colleague by their gender pronoun, one uses their professional title instead.  

Fauci seems to me to be a weaselly little puke, who would do anything to cash in on his 15-minutes of fame.  It rankles me as someone who greatly respects women who have earned their places in the meritocracy that Fauci would "mansplain"  (give his approval to) a statement by a colleague just because she is female - pretty GD unprofessional if you ask me. 

Like most 'Crats, I assume Fauci is a sexist womanizer who only gives lip-service to "political correctness" but never expects to be called to account for any of his own sexism because he is such a "hero" of the ACFs trying to put political complexion on every policy / rule. 

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