A wall safe with retinal scan-controlled locks? Yes please!!
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Posted by: LateForLunch

04/05/2021, 22:15:03

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I saw it in a T.V. show so I'm skeptical it actually exists. Lady opened her nifty little micro-wall safe with an eye-scanner (worked like looking into a door peep-hole) - door popped open.

Even though it might be easier in a pinch than entering a series of numbers on a combination, (RF key-fob might be even better).

The only disappointing thing was the weapon she stored - a little .380 semi-auto. Lil' plinker. I'd prefer a pistol which can penetrate fairly dense materials like plate glass, thin metal or sheet-rock and still hurt the target's feelings.*

Anybody ever heard of such safes? This smells like more H-Wood nonsense, but it looks cool. What's the back-up on a system if it loses power or the scanner fails to read? There are technical questions which come to mind.

* nothing less than a hot 9mm with penetrating rounds (hollow point, etc) 40+caliber, magnum.

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