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Posted by: TEEBONE ®

04/05/2021, 19:06:10

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UC Berkeley spends $25M a year, pays 400 employees to advance 'equity and inclusion'

WND News Services
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Goal is to address 'systemic inequities'

(THE COLLEGE FIX) – UC Berkeley employs 150 professionals and 250 additional students dedicated to addressing "systemic inequities," according to a document obtained this week by The College Fix.

The public research institution's Division of Equity and Inclusion spends $25 million annually to support the 400 full and part-time staff to run diversity and inclusion-related programs, according to the document, an eight-page job description for a new Vice Chancellor for Equity and Inclusion.

These programs include "staff diversity formal collaborations with People & Culture, the Othering & Belonging Institute, the American Cultures Engaged Community teaching program, the Basic Needs Center, and other programs serving a broad array of constituencies."

[What blithering babble. How can this shit be taken seriously?]

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