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Justice Thomas States Big Techs Should Be Treated as “Public Carriers”
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Posted by: Garebearbai ®

04/05/2021, 17:54:34

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For a very short episode....

- Justice Clarence Thomas vacated the ruling on a smaller case (Knight First Amendment Institue at Columbia University vs. President Trump), in which the lower court ruled President Trump violated 1A for blocking people on Twitter
- Justice Clarence commented on the big tech's influence and how the digital conglomerates should be treated as "public carriers" and regulated as such
- As suggested by Rachel Bovard, Policy Director at the Conservative Partnership Institute, Justice Thomas’s concurrence covered four pertinent areas in big tech censorship: 1) legitimizing the threat of concentrated corporate power; 2) Google gatekeeping info for 90% of the world; 3) gov’t outsourcing censorship; 4) justifications for common carrier regulation.

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