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Posted by: TEEBONE ®

04/05/2021, 13:32:17

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'Altruism' is not what you've been taught

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Probably the costliest thing to individual Americans is that they do not understand the nature and desire of society and its system, operated by the government. Politicians who are paid by the federal government do the political maneuvering as prescribed by the system to benefit the system. Federal judges channel the legal system to the political and economic benefit of the system.

The more government takes an interest in private affairs, the less individual freedom there is. The greater the government's involvement in regulation, the greater the threat to your life. Massive government spending intended to "improve" people's lives or correct ailments created by government intervention (see: lockdowns) corresponds directly to the loss of individual freedoms.

"While almost all societies believe that one individual should not be allowed to directly interfere with the life or property of another individual (laws against theft, fraud and murder, for example, exist in almost all societies), conversely, the great majority in every culture believes that the state should be allowed to do so, for the 'good' of society as a whole." Quoted from the foreword of the book Sweet Land of Liberty, by Henry Mark Holzer.

Personal freedom is inversely proportional to governmental freedom. In other words, in whatever interest or matters one chooses not to self-govern, others will govern for you. But individuals are often happy to relinquish this responsibility for themselves in order to seem altruistic. It might even make them feel patriotic.

What they don't realize is that they are making a terrifying trade-off when embracing altruism. Once an individual sacrifices him or herself to the collective, the collective can then sacrifice the individual to further its own ends.

Freedom does not exist in a vacuum; it does not exist for those who do not exercise it. Seemingly convenient at first, rule by others quickly becomes arbitrary, descends into slavery and ultimately becomes murderous. Much has been said and written about the supposed checks and balances of the Constitution, but the only reliable check and balance against tyranny is self-determination.

Freedom is like a precious commodity to be mined from life. The politicians and global elite deceive the masses into believing that freedom exists mystically and ethereally, to be breathed in like air or enjoyed at one's leisure. They want us to think of freedom like that, as some nebulous, pretty thing to be unwrapped from pretty packages, tangible only when it is a meager privilege bestowed by other men playing God.

Freedom is a black-or-white, yes-or-no, either/or, zero-sum proposition. There are no gray areas or lukewarmness when it comes to freedom.

But the concept of freedom of the individual, or individual liberty, has been shoved down the memory hole and replaced by a popular mentality of diminishing the individual and independent thinker to a collectivist mind (mentality) which can be esoterically swayed, directed and channeled against his own best interest. The virtue and sanctity of the individual person and ego is no more, and anathema to the state.


Society does not give in or sanction the crimes of government without impetus. They are constantly pounded with the propaganda of altruism. Altruism is not what you've been taught it to be.

Altruism is a selflessness self-denial to the point of literal self-sacrifice for a myth called society. Altruism is the very foundation of statist/socialist propaganda and power that the individual must place his interest including his property beneath the "need" of the collective (state).

In our time this is called "in the public interest." The term "public interest" always translates into government interest. Therefore, the army of federal judges and politicians act in the "public interest."

They would tell you in a minute that they do everything in the "public interest." Most of them, with a few exceptions, don't know that the public interest is the sole interest of the government, not the people. This is a deception that few unravel mainly because of the self-deception of altruism. As long as an individual believes that he should share his property and produce for the "common good," he is in reality no longer an individual but a part of the collective servants of the state. Altruism motivates people to self-sacrifice. This is why altruism is at the root of all governments. Governments must instill self-sacrifice to solidify political power.

Unclad and naked of its social hypocrisy, the philosophical and moral foundation of all governments is altruism defined and revealed as "the ethical theory which regards man as a sacrificial animal, which holds that man has no right to exist for his own sake, that service to others is the only justification of his existence, and that self-sacrifice is his highest moral duty." Taken from the book Sweet Land of Liberty as quoted from the book, The Virtue of Selfishness, by Ayn Rand.

If you understand the above quote, you understand your true relationship to government authority.

We have in the past described our system as benevolent totalitarianism. This means that we are brainwashed to sacrifice everything including our lives in wars for the good of society, the state. We use the phrase "benevolent totalitarianism" in what appears an oxymoron simply because benevolent in this sense and in this usage means that we are deceived (through altruism) into the literal belief that government is truly benevolent and represents the wishes of the people instead of its own.

When we are convinced that sacrificing ourselves and our treasure to the state is a virtue and a proper philosophy of life, we are victims of propagandic tyranny and slaves of the state. The myth of altruism and "public policy" gives the government the implied and collective consent to operate as an organized criminal cartel with impunity. Can you see it?

The reason you can't communicate on political matters with some of your family and neighbors is that the doctrine of altruism and "public interest" has been imputed to them and in concert with the government to subvert their own personal liberty. Anything to the contrary is offensive. It's as if you are not "a patriot." Self-destruction has no equal.

Lovers of self-government and freedom always question consensus authority. A good rule of thumb that has always served me well is to believe the opposite of what the politicians and the media tell you.

Stealing or taking from producers and transferring it to nonproducers is very sophisticated and concealed class warfare and so to resist falling into the trap of "altruism," you must always be thinking, reading, watching, and learning every day.

Altruism is the philosophy of envy, racism, weakness, ineptitude and collectivism. It is groupism, the hidden strategy to get you to give your mind over to someone else's control. Is this what you want?

Yours for the truth,

Bob Livingston
Editor, The Bob Livingston Letter®


Democrats wouldn't buy a clue if it was government subsidized.

Liberals are people who stand on their heads and insist that the world is upside-down.

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