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"Ever Wonder Why?" -- Unlike "Godfather", this is an offer you can refuse -- or just ignore, which accomplishes the same end.
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Posted by: Russ Walden

04/03/2021, 12:41:14

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If you have been around the forum for at least a few days, you have, or should have, noted my great, almost reverent, admiration of Dr. Thomas Sowell, whom I usually describe as "SMIA" -- Smartest Man In America.

I am sometimes tempted to say that I have read most of his books, but then reality strikes and I remember what a prolific author he has been. Suffice to say, I own and have read many of his books.

Anyhow, the offer (eventually): With the advent of the COVID culture shock, a lot of people were locked down by their benevolent tyrants and had unexpected time on their hands. Some of them actually joined this forum, reversing a precipitous decline that had many of us fearing that somebody might trip the flush handle. Consequently, our dues collections have exceeded expectations, and we fear that the accumulation might come to the attention of Biden, who is searching for anything to tax. So, by unanimous voice vote of the Forum Board of Directors, we declared a dividend, of sorts.

The offer (finally): A free, untaxed, copy of the Kindle version of "Ever Wonder Why?" by Dr. Thomas Sowell

1 - You need the Amazon Kindle reader, which is available free from Amazon's website.
2 - We need your working email address. Although you had to furnish an email address to join, those are untested or outdated. So, post me, by Private Message your name and email address.
3 - If you are reading this as a non-member, you will have to join in order to be able to send me a Private Message. Our normal dues requirements are suspended for the purpose of this offer.
4 - You will receive an email from Amazon advising you of the availability of the book. You need to claim it.

Hopes & Expectations:
1 - You will be a better person by virtue of the knowledge you have gained from Dr. Sowell.
2 - You will post a comment or quote inspired by the book.

Take care,
Russ Walden

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