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The English translation: No, Tee, it is not "really bad news." It's just what is.
Re: Since this is all Chinese to me (no pun), I just assume that it's really, really bad news. -- TEEBONE Post Reply Top of thread Forum

Posted by: Russ Walden

04/01/2021, 21:16:33

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The author is just trying to inject some common sense into an age that is bereft of it.

The always important question is: "Compared to what?

If I told you that I am now 3.5 times taller then I used to be, you might say "Wow!," or you might say, "Compared to what?" The answer is: the day I was born.

The author is simply trying to prepare us for announcements of huge economic improvements, and insure that we out them in perspective.

"Compared to what?"

Well, compared to a year ago when we shut the whole country down. Your response will be, "Oh."

There will be a lot of this in the next few weeks. Don't take the bait.

Take care,

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