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Just once I'd like to read a purely rational, factual, calm non-shrill, non-alarmist thought from a hoplophobe.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

03/28/2021, 13:37:37

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The fact that they have not been able to resolve the admittedly challenging task of arriving at a rational attitude about violence in our time does not entitle them to praise or power. They are largely and increasingly wearing philosophical diapers (deep critical thinking seems foreign to them).

Wanton (unnecessary) violence is largely perpetrated in this world by people for whom respect and fear are synonymous. Vicious, stupid, psychotic people intent on victimizing others using firearms are not generally stopped by anyone except good people with firearms (and greater if needed).

This simple reality escapes hoplophobes. Not one of them can debate themselves out of a wet paper sack. They are as morally flaccid, feckless and irrational as they are uninformed.

Most of the one's I read recently sound as if they need psychiatric hospitalization for paranoid schizophrenia (exaggerated, unreasonable, irrational fears). It is nothing less than horrifying to know that they believe themselves worthy of power over others and leadership roles.

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