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Posted by: TEEBONE ®

03/27/2021, 16:24:27

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SD: Use of deadly force laws expanded
Submitted by:">Mark A. Taff

This past Sunday, Governor Kristi Noem signed House Bill 1212, which expands the use of South Dakota’s stand your ground laws, providing legal immunity to some who use deadly force.

According to the bill’s authors, immunity will be granted when such force is necessary to prevent an imminent threat. The person claiming immunity also can’t be doing anything illegal and must be in a place they “have the right to be.”

“In South Dakota, we’re a pro second amendment state. There’s no other state that’s more pro second amendment,” says State Representative Tim Goodwin. “There’s no government or legislature that’s more pro second amendment. So, this just goes hand in glove with that.”

Comment by: PHORTO (3/27/2021)
“I think they will take justice into their own hands, kind of stepping back into the old west, instead of calling the cops,” says Senator Duhamel.

The record of the many states that feature SYG protections doesn't support that projection.

And that's what it is - mere projection.


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