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Breaking updates from Georgia, but there's a catch....
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Posted by: Garebearbai ®

03/26/2021, 23:42:56

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New Episode! :D

Analysis: Pres. Trump, Biden Issues Statements on the Georgia Election Reform Law; #2A Updates

- Georgia Governor Brian Kemp signed into law an election integrity bill that contradicts his previous stance
- However, Brian Kemp was accused by Lin Wood and others to be associated with the Chinese Communist Party
- Given the context that Biden was crossing “red lines” drawn by the CCP in the recent days (e.g. yesterday’s “press conference”), Kemp’s move could largely be a “warning” from the East
- Now, it’d be interesting to watch what happens when two US politicians potentially compromised by the CCP wrestle
- South Dakota Gov. Noem has signed 3 bills to push for 2nd Amendment rights
- Jen Psaki said on Friday that Biden will be looking to sign Executive Orders to push for stricter gun control in the near future