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Governor Murderhouse call your lawyer...and your other lawyer...and your banker...
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Posted by: LateForLunch ®

02/22/2021, 01:54:43

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In a time with so little good news, it was heartening to see Gov. Murderhouse* finally getting some well-deserved attention for what he did to New York. 

I was expecting both Cuomo and Newsom to skate because the new climate of government is cacogens waxing in influence - the Great departs, the Small approaches. Misfortune. Yet forces which seek to punish mass murder and grotesque, callous stupidity still seem to exist.

I suppose we will have to wait to see if anything more than  protracted personal anxiety and steep legal bills result for that SMF. 

Until I see Cuomo actually do the perp walk, I will be skeptical. 

Newsom is, whether deserved or not, receiving the news of 80% validation of the 1.6 million signatures required to most-likely end his political career(in California, most Gubernatorial recall elections have terminated the target). If Hair-Boy is not feeling anxious about his future yet, that Vitalis-smearin' fool is dumber than I thought. 

The danger of course is that the 'Crats will run a full-on Communist to replace Newsom and we will have gone from the greasy frying pan into the radical revolutionary socialist inferno. That is obviously the 'Crat strategery (sic) in supporting the recall - to get someone, prolly some rabid, racist ReConquista who is much, much WORSE than Newsom in every way. 

* The 'Crat News Network (CNN) has BANNED all pejorative labels on Cuomo from their air. He may not be called, Governor Killer, or Governor Assassin and most certainly NOT Governor MURDERHOUSE of course. 

I'm going to look into starting a tee-shirt printing bid-neh with that as the central product. A big fat pic of Cuomo along with the words, "...that's GOVERNOR Murderhouse to you, mother f***er!!"

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