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I am sure you are not alone. Emotion can seep up from underneath, like water under a foundation.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

02/20/2021, 05:03:04

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I have won a minor personal victory in this - I knew Father Limbaugh was dying, so I was to some degree prepared emotionally for this event (much thanks to his own preparations and pep-talks he gave to everyone in the last months/weeks).

What disturbed me at first was the odious chorus of sub-human hate-vomit that immediately erupted from the upper-assholes of the cacogenic swine on the hard left.

At first it was upsetting, then I realized that was their intent - to UPSET people. That is the goal of psychotic, evil cacogens - to harm innocent people by any means - upsetting people is a way of harming them - so it is a goal of cacogen ACFs especially.

Quote from Tolkien helps me with that. No doubt Cissy would remember which, "It is but the twittering of birds and the cries of beasts to my ears, nothing more." (Two Towers?)".

That and the description of demonic personalities in the Bhagavad Gita, "The demonic personality is devoid of intelligence. It does not know what is rightly to be done and not done."

Cacogenic people are far more-similar to malfunctioning machines than anything else. No point in getting upset because a computer is malfunctioning.

GI Gurdjieff taught that hasnamussen (spiritually/characterologically inferior people) have no real soul. They are not really in control of their own behavior but are more like sleep-walkers. Therefore they are not to be held wholly accountable for their own destructiveness. There were no thinking machines (computers) in his time, but I'd bet Gurdjieff would have agreed with the "malfunctioning computer" analogy.

Among Gurdjieff's ideas was that insane people cannot become more-sane by hanging around with and affiliating themselves with other insane people. That insular nature is one of the things that perpetuates the cacogenic element of society. Like sewer rats, they instinctively prefer the company of other filthy, diseased rats.

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