Nepotocracy vs. Meritocracy
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Posted by: LateForLunch

02/20/2021, 04:23:54

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How it is that there is no formal word "nepotocracy" is strange. The closest equivalent in dictionaries is "nepotistic", but that's not exact.

Meritocracy elevates excellence. Nepotocracy is a massive cult of personality which only elevates those who are identified as being aligned in ideology, philosophy and politics.

If it has to be explained to someone why Meritocracy is morally, ethically and rationally better than Nepotocracy there is probably no point. It is the same way one who does not acknowledge Natural Law's existence, relevance or overriding importance in guiding public policy can't be swayed by rational argument.

Nepotists invariably are among the most dysfunctional of personalities. They view themselves as rationalists whereas in reality they are generally overly-emotional, irrational extroverts whose basis for attitudes/opinions is almost solely emotion/intuition driven - not thinking/reason/logic-centered.

One way to identify a Nepotist is that any argument validating their POV generally starts as a rational argument about facts, numbers, logic ,but swiftly degenerate into talking about emotion/intuition. They start out rational but end up talking about their feelings, intuitions and biased, highly-emotional assumptions.

Another habit of Nepotists is to use one highly-biased, non-scientific opinion to validate another - what I like to call "opinionology".

That such types are either fully or at least partially aware of their own infamy (dishonesty) makes them a species of cacogen - not normal people.

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