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Hungary is just now getting back on ir's feet. An attack by the EU could be hell
Re: Or what? Can he impose sanctions? If not, they should tell him to put it where the sun don't shine. -- Russ Walden Post Reply Top of thread Forum

Posted by: Chubbyloveable ®

02/19/2021, 15:18:23

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One possible solution is to depend a little on Russia. Russia went through a rein of terror after the fall of  Communism during which Soros was in control of the Oligarchy. Later Putin 
 threw Soros out of the country. Russia might be willing to aid Hungary against EU domination.
 It should be the US that helps but then Hillary might 
           complain . 
          She is the leader of Conspiracy  Theory of Russia
         Her theory was still potent against Tulsi Gabbard.     

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