They did it because of Twitter campaigns, . . .
Re: I remember when certain major advertisers pulled their ads from Rush's program, then wanted to come back. He told them to pound sand. He was the sterling example in many venues, 'cause he was big enough to do it. -- TEEBONE Post Reply Top of thread Forum

Posted by: Russ Walden

02/18/2021, 15:32:42

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Tee --
Rush told them that the Twitter numbers were bogus. He then undertook a very definitive study of Twitter and demonstrated that most of the traffic came from bots. He did, I believe, politely remind his former advertisers that he had warned them, and then he, not so politely, told them to fuck off. He was, as I recall, rather gleeful about it. He said he had no trouble replacing them. He was not only big enough to do it, he was stubborn enough to do it.

You're right, they fucked with the wrong cowboy. Most shows would have taken them back, but not Rush. One of his favorite mantras was, "Do not doubt me."

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