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Well said and exactly true.
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Posted by: Russ Walden

02/18/2021, 13:59:16

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Tee --
When you log onto Facebook, the service is (presumably) free. Facebook then spends a good deal of money and energy to identify what you are. They then sell you to their advertisers. That is their revenue model.

But, no need to pick on Facebook for this example. The same is true of the Rush Limbaugh show if you listen to it on the radio. Rush is, or was, selling you to his advertisers. That is his revenue model. I listen to it from his website -- a subscription service -- so I don't hear any of the commercials. Instead, I hear a lot of fun stuff intended to entertain me until the commercials are over.

One might say the same of this forum -- except I don't have a revenue model, . . . which might be the reason I don't have any revenue.

Take care,

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