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'Crat chaos/infighting escalates already...true-to-form.
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Posted by: LateForLunch ®

02/17/2021, 10:49:55

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Although the radical revolutionary socialist 'Crats have been in control of the federal government for less than a month, one may clearly trace the upward swing of the parabola of chaos/infighting swooping dramatically. 

Texas is in crisis due to 'Crat gummint ecoparanoids likely in collusion with corrupt power supply companies, effectively disabling vast swaths of the electric supply grid because it was overly-reliant on now-frozen windmills (Hello, I am selling windmills and windmill products!!). Five people in the effected areas have already died because of having no power.

President Joseph "Stalin/Biden" is still unable to animate his upper lip and parts of his facial muscles due to neural deterioration likely caused by Alzheimer's dementia, and is making one horrible, deadly blunder after another. 

VP Harris is contradicting the administration's own CDC advisors about prioritizing China-Virus vaccinations for edumacators (which CDC does not advise). 

Biden-Stalin's White House had to send a panicked plea to Harris's greedy daughter to stop slurping so obscenely from the Money River by using her mother's job-title in selling products, books, her own "services" etc. 

Allies once touted as heroes to the radical revolutionary socialist movement's Ruling Class, such as N.Y. Gov. Murderhouse Cuomo- looking at GENUINE impeachment looming along with possible criminal obstruction charges for falsifying data submitted to federal law enforcement (DOJ) 
while California Gov. Gavin "HEY, watch the hair!" Newsom is in the pipeline for recall special election due to mismanagement of China Virus policy, odd delays in delivery of vaccines. 

California U.S. Mis-representative Nancy "Stretch" Pelosi has not helped Newsom by her own elitist BS - nor has Newsom's proclivity for saying one thing on T.V. addresses then   doing the exact opposite before the news-conference cameras have been packed away (charged the People for a $5000 wine bill at the "most expensive restaurant in the world" San Francisco's French Laundry) not wearing a mask or distancing.

Israel is all but ignoring the U.S. State Department and proceeding under the (correct) assumption that they are now, once-again on their own in trying to maintain Mideast security along with the peace-treaty stability achieved under the previous administration. Biden-Stalin is already giving aid and comfort to Israel's (and the free world's) worst enemies Iran and their proxies in the region. 

Vast swaths of the U.S. economy are simply being shut down by the U.S. government by order of the Great Stalin-Biden, who hates all forms of fossil fuels and believes that gives he and his party license to destroy whole industries and countless thousands of livelihoods. 

National policy on reopening public schools is collapsing into total chaos. Biden-Stalin mumbles/meanders through press conferences, insulting reporters with the audacity to ask tough questions, ogling women, punctuating his demented babble-stream with emphatic, meaningless hand gestures. He refuses or is unable to create any sort of consistent policy-statements. Chaos is mounting by the day across the nation. 

All of this degeneration / chaos in less than 30 days of being in power. Any bets on whether it will get better or worse? I've got $1000 at ANY odds that it will get much, much worse. 

The 'Crats are following their previous lead-from-behind Eightball Obama performance precisely - fomenting, increasing and enabling horrible, destructive chaos. Most typical of all, they are turning on each other when they can't find any political adversary to blame for all of the things going wrong under their "administration"(rule). 

'Crats are not just harmless clowns without make-up, they are largely and increasingly, horribly, lethally dangerous - both to themselves and everyone else. 

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