The principle actor was gay, but once you get past that, it works as a film.
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02/16/2021, 14:30:39

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The title character is portrayed by an openly gay actor but the director of the film made sure it didn't get in the way of the plot (Dr. Strange had a female fiancee in the film).

Once it became clear the director was not putting a "gay slant" on the character I was able to ignore that aspect and let the writing work.

The special effects are as prominent as the characters - nothing unusual for modern films ( the "can-you-top-this?" mentality).

I had a soft spot for that comic 'cause that was one of the only comic books I liked much as a youngster. It had a fairly adult, dark view of things not a childish one like so many other comics. A lot of horrible, ugly, deadly things happened in that comic which were pretty rough for younger kids. I remember liking that a lot.

The principle did a decent job - in the same category of actors who are normal people who just happen to be gay off-camera, as Jodie Foster, Richard Chamberlain et al.

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