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pucker up democrats
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Posted by: Vincent ®

02/16/2021, 11:15:44

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Pucker up democrats Chi is bending over, the democrats like to kiss the ___ of the Chinese leader, of the Chinese Communist Party. The Chinese Communist party helped steal the election which the republicans won by a land slide. Now we have a decreped old man with dementia and a street walker running our country with the help of the Chinese Communist Party. America may not survive the piss poor leadership of the democrats, however the democrats don't give a rats ___ about this country or the American people, all their concerned about is being in power and maintaining power. The democrats had proof from other countries that the democrats with the help of the Chinese Communist Party stole the election. They decided to destroy all the affadavits and documents from other countries, it seams that the US is the only country that doesn't believe the election was stolen. Reports say China has been planning the release of the Covid-19 virus for some time, and Chi his family and cabinet had already taking the anti-body vaccine, that's why they were able to have the vaccine ready so soon!

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