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Bad day? "During Microsoft's early years, Gates was an active software developer, particularly in the company's programming language products, but his primary role in most of the company's history was as a manager and executive" Disagree?
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Posted by: LateForLunch ®

02/15/2021, 16:41:55

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The harsh invective is misplaced in this regard. 

What I have read is that his focus was not on software (product) development or being hands-on with anything technical much after overseeing the largely unsuccessful antitrust battles and getting into his Foundation work (giving away and investing money). Sure, he was brilliant with writing DOS, structuring Microsoft with Allen et al, but then his focus vis-a-vis Microsoft operations became protecting proprietary elements from interlopers ( which was clearly mostly successful) that was not meant as a criticism. 

So maybe you misread what I wrote, Russel. Or maybe I should have expressed it more clearly. I am a fan of anyone doing the things he did (help create something as great as personal computing for the masses). But I am not so sure about his psychological / spiritual proclivities. 

See, my own opinion (in which some may have no interest, I realize) is that Gates is undervalued as a businessman in the eyes of the general public. Russ is the exception in regard to understanding Gates as a person in many ways , since he is more well-informed than the general public and a software developer/business owner himself. The average numb-nut thinks Gates' great wealth and connection to the development of a technology product company  are what make him exemplary. 

For me, it's Gate's efficacy as a software pioneer, company manager more than anything related to abstruse or advanced knowledge of scientific things. He is not Albert Einstein or Yoichiro Nambu. 

Jobs was intimately involved in product development with Apple long after the genesis of Apple and the transition to a company providing mass market products/services. 

I have a real problem in Gates' AGW concerns/activism. It calls into question his honesty or ability to acknowledge some pretty obvious nonsense. Has he done and continue to do a lot of really great things with his money? Yep. Does that make him worthy of being an overlord or entitle him to help create a global empire? Nope. 

AGW is pure crap, and he endorses it as real.  That is troubling on a very basic character level. At least to a dope like me. heh 

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