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Well, you know about 1% more than Teebone, . . . which means you don't know [feces].
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Posted by: Russ Walden

02/15/2021, 11:35:00

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LFL --
Time-honored advice: When you're in over your head -- stop digging.

You really don't know shit about this subject, but you feel compelled to make absurd pronouncements, then support them with absurd assumptions.

"efficient administrator" -- When was that? Was it when the entire company consisted of Gates & Allen, or was it when they hired their first employee to write code?

"in the right place at the right time." -- That's so silly it should be ignored, but I won't. When was this "right time?" Was it when Gates and Allen decided to drop out of Harvard and pursue their ambitions? Or was it when he broke with IBM and bargained to keep Windows and let IBM keep OS2?

"Not as much an innovator entrepreneur as Jobs though." -- Really? Before the iPhone, what did Jobs "innovate." Take your time, but be careful what you believe on Google.

Before you get typically tangled up in your own underwear, let me help you: I was a computer enthusiast through all of these developments, and experienced most of them first hand. I lived and worked (for an electronics company) on the SF Peninsula where much of it was happening.

Have fun.


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