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Cue; Alex Trebeck; Marxist doggerel for $600. The answer is...Cloward - Piven
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Posted by: LateForLunch

02/15/2021, 01:48:33

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What is: the Marxist plan to collapse the United States' capitalist system by overspending on entitlements so there is nothing left for non-discretionary spending to bankrupt the U.S. government?

See, you manage to do that and you also collapse the economies of several other free capitalist nations to wit the Netherlands and England. Both have most of their national economies invested in U.S. assets - so if the U.S. economy collapsed (from ballooned government over-spending/reduced GDP) it would do-in at least two other nations.

The plan then called for a political campaign to blame capitalism for the collapse (even though it was deliberately caused by government over-spending on entitlements pushed by leftist politicos) and offer socialism as the only alternative.

Seriously that is Cloward-Piven in a nutshell.

The Eightball Obama employed Piven as an advisor. Cloward pass away (thankfully) already.

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