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cheating democrats
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Posted by: Vincent ®

02/14/2021, 17:03:48

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the democrats had been out classed, on economy, security, military, energy independence, etc the democrats had to resort to cheating and with the help of the Chinese Communist Party they stole the election. The Chinese Communist Party has given so much money the courts and many of our government departments were afraid of the Chinese Communist Party and sided with the Chinese Communist Party against the US and the American people. The NO# 1 objective of the democrat party is to achieve power. The NO#2 objective is to maintain power, and by hook or crook mostly crook they have achieved their objective. The democrats plan is to turn southern border states blue, by infiltrating them with illegal aliens with more rights than long time American citizens. The democrats know this will destroy America but don't care because they have taken so much money from the Chinese Communist Party they can relocate. The democrats are lying, cheating, backstabbing, baby murdering, Constitution hating, anyone claiming to be a Christian and is a democrat you are a heathen and a hypocrite.

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