The federal, state and local gov'ts have been suppressing liberty in defiance of the BoR for a year.
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02/13/2021, 15:38:45

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The problem is, Robert, that in our system they can get away with it in real time, because fighting it requires court challenges that take months/years (beginning with overcoming the 'standing' hurdles), and by the time anything is done in redress (if at all) the case is moot.

They do it not only in defiance of plain, black-letter constitutional proscriptions, but in defiance of precedent as well.

Case in point: Circuits hostile to the Second Amendment blow the Heller precedent off as if it doesn't exist, and so far, with impunity.

The defining example of courts' complicity dates back to Wickard v. Filburn, after FDR successfully threatened the Court with packing. That single case invented exceptions to the statement of delegated federal powers in the 10th Amendment and the black-letter list of General Welfare powers. That list, intended to limit those powers to specific circumstances, is now literally non-existent.



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