The dumb demonstrated here is at a level of colossal, it should merit its own niche in the pantheon of bad decisions.

Vegas Man Shot 14 Times Outside a Vegas Gun Range
Las Vegas — Officers were called at 11:59 a.m. last Weds to The Range 702, at 5999 Dean Martin Drive, after an employee reported that a man had been caught rifling through a customer’s bag during a break from a concealed carry permit course . Range employees escorted the man, Marvin Payton Jr, 27 outside to await the police.

Seconds after police pulled up, the man attacked a female officer, striking her twice with a screwdriver. Most everyone on the scene then shot Payton 14 times.

Metropolitan Police Department Assistant Sheriff Brett Zimmerman said Payton had a violent history with police, including charges of attempted murder, attempted robbery of a firearm and assault on a protected person. All involved police and arriving officers had knowledge of Payton’s violent past before the shooting.

The injured officer, who has not been named, was treated and released from University Medical Center the afternoon of the shooting. She suffered a fracture near her eye, Zimmerman said.

No charges have been filed against the crowd that shot Payton.

What was actually his thought process? “I feel like stealing me a gun so why I don’t go to a gun store filled with armed people who happen to be very aware”? “And just in case, I am going to bring a screwdriver to a possible gunfight” only to close with “I am ninja! See me beat this bunch of idiots with my phillips katana!”

Only a few times a stupid game has been played so stupidly before the expected consequences happened.

Hat Tip Bobbye.