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Trump's fault
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Posted by: Vincent

02/10/2021, 08:29:05

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if you listen to the trial lawyers it looks like Trump is evil! the democrats lied and promised to unite the country, all they have done is united the Chinese Communist Party. The democrats stole the election which America has proof, but the Chinese Communist party doesn't want Trump President, They want a decredped old fart they can control, so the Chinese Communist Party has their puppet in office. The democrats had the Capital riot planned, with BLM, Antifa waiting to attack the corrupt democrats don't want an investigation because it will show who was at fault. The corrupt democratic party had a dry run the day before with BLM, and Antifa they knew what to do and where to go. The Capital Police were told to go home at 10:00 the plan was set. Trumps legal team will bring all this out.

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