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What Will It Take ?
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Posted by: Logit

02/09/2021, 17:48:45

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refused to send assistance to an American Embassy and purposely allowed the
murder of our Ambassador and Military/CIA Personnel. No criminal prosecutions.

"They" investigated the use of a
private server, holding top secret information, located in the Secretary of
State's private residence ... and confirmed the data had been compromised by
foreign entities. No criminal prosecutions.

"They" investigated the Foundation of
a sitting Secretary of State and determined foreign/domestic contributions were
in fact 'Pay to Play' payments which granted access to the President and others
in the Administration ... as well as Foundation funds diverted to personal use.
No criminal prosecutions.

"They" determined that millions and
millions of US Dollars in unmarked paper currency, stacked on wooden pallets,
were secretly delivered to a Terrorist Nation in the middle of the night with
no accounting of the exact amount and who received the money. No criminal

"They" allowed a sitting President to
be impeached on fictitious information. No criminal prosecutions.

"They" determined the dossier used as
prima facie evidence for impeachment was in fact false. No criminal prosecutions.

"They" determined the dossier was paid
for by the opposing Presidential Candidate in an effort to destroy a
presidential campaign. No criminal prosecutions.

"They" determined agents of the FBI
and the DOJ lied to the FISA Court in order to obtain warrants allowing our own
government to spy on a Presidential Campaign. No criminal prosecutions.

"They" determined the FBI Director and
the President discussed the FISA Court warrants and later lied about any
knowledge of same. No criminal prosecutions.

"They" determined a Vice President and
his son had illegally been paid millions of dollars from a foreign energy
company in return for preferential treatment by the US Government. No criminal

"They" determined a Vice President had
black mailed a foreign country to fire their criminal investigator who was
investigating the activities of the Vice President and his son. The Vice
President willing admitted same on national television. No criminal

"They" were given 'mountains' of
evidence, including videos and sworn/signed witness affidavits, showing
criminal activities during the tabulations of Presidential Election votes in
six States ... and "They" responded with 'There were no criminal
activities.' No criminal prosecutions.

"They" describe videos depicting poll
workers removing containers from hiding that held thousands and thousands of
fake ballots, and showing the ballots being added to the existing vote total
... hours after the polling station had closed and all but a handful of workers
being absent ... as "Nothing to see here. There is nothing wrong with what
was done." No criminal prosecutions.

"They" have allowed our cities to
burn, innocents injured or murdered in the streets, local governments to cower
and then apologize to the gangs of criminals and weakened existing laws that
only emboldened the criminal element to commit more crimes.

Moving Towards A Government
Established Truth Ministry

Funded Military Protection For The Ruling Class


Influenced Media

House Bill
Submitted To Ban Private Ownership of Weapons

Segment Of Society For Prosecution

Identify A
Political Party As Subversive

Re-Education Programs

Numerous Laws in the Pursuit of Justice

The Implementation of New Laws

Literature Edits To Conform to Approved Standards

Specific Literature For Failure To Meet Government Standards

The Usage Of Specific Spoken Language

Class Members Not Prosecuted For Crimes

Class re-write history to their own ends

Domestic Terrorist Group Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

Refusal To
Protect American Cities While They Burned And Were Looted

Unconstitutional Impeachment Trial

As "They" ignored each criminal
activity, the average citizen said, "This is not the time to rise up.
Something truly bad must happen first."

Each criminal activity has chipped away at the
US Constitution and the very foundation of our Great Republic. The average
citizen said, "This is not the time to rise up. Something truly bad must
happen first."

At this moment in time "They" have
circumvented the US Constitution, the Bill of Rights and every law.
"They" have nullified the voting process. If "They" can add
hundreds of thousands of fictitious / illegal votes across the country and not
be held accountable ... "They" have finally attained their ultimate
goal of manipulating the country to do "Their" will 'legally'. Your
vote, your say how you desire your country to be run, means absolutely nothing.
You have become a pawn to be manipulated and used as they see fit.

FACT: The Democratic Republic of the United
States of America no longer exists.

If you wait until "They" drag you out
of your home in the middle of the night for bogus charges ... it will be too

DO YOU TRULY STILL BELIEVE ... This is not the
time to rise up?

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