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NTSB verifies my prediction and one added coincidence caused Kobe Bryant helicopter crash.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

02/09/2021, 15:05:56

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The investigation concluded that the pilot felt "self-pressure" to "get the job done", ignored restrictions on flying through clouds (forbidden for helicopters without radar) with the added fact that a verification protocol which requires the pilot to place a hand on the panel to respond (a serious distraction as it turned out) which all led to his experiencing a severe loss of spacial-orientation (I'll skip the technical jargon for this). This entire series of events apparently caused him to have a sensation of rising when the craft was actually descending in altitude.

He wanted to impress the client. That is what apparently was the key factor in this crash - which means to cash in on the crash, the family's lawyer will have to present evidence that the company contributed in some material/causal sense to the pilot's flawed decision-making process or to other pilot actions which caused the crash.

Good luck with that. Pilot was a butt-kisser who pushed the envelope and it killed everyone involved. He should not have been flying through clouds, or taking risks in such conditions with a craft lacking safety warning electronics* or radar.

* The politicians are busy trying to use this as an excuse to force aviation companies to make $35 K electronic collision-avoidance systems mandatory for all aircraft, plus cost of maintenance/training. This is stupid because pilots could still be distracted in the split-seconds required to crash by stupid things like verification-response signals. Warning systems only work if the pilot has time to adjust trajectory.

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