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Trump speach
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Posted by: Vincent

01/12/2021, 10:50:50

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Trumps speech will be at 2:00PM, he is trying hard to save America, but America is on the verge of extinction. Bidens cabinet is made up of BIG TECH executives, with ties to the Chinese Communist Party. Looks like the crocks will be running the Prison. Amazon, Walmart, facebook, Twitter will be calling the shots. The USPS has been delivering goods for BIG TECH companies for free for a long time that's why USPS is losing money. They are a friend of BIG TECH and helped steal this election. The MSM also helped steal this election by refusing to report anything that made the democrats look bad. This is America's last stand pray for Trump, if he can't save America no one can. Thanks to lobbiest the Chinese Communist Party has bought the majority of Congress off and now run this country. Lets not forget our good friends at the Vatican who also helped steal this election. Judo's and his 20 pieces of silver have destroyed America.

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