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Bidens plan
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Posted by: Vincent «

01/10/2021, 12:51:22

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To reduce the number of people in prisons, and confiscate guns, this will allow Prisons to be used as citizen readjustment centers. This is where the people who don't turn over all their guns will end up. The Biden administration is now taking orders from theáChinese Communist Party. The Chinese Communist Party has told Biden they must be economically and militarily superior to the United States. The US has been stocking up on ammo and body bags for these citizen readjustment centers. I have a Prison close to my present location and they are designated to become a citizen readjustment center. The people need to wake up, and stop sticking their head in the sand and stop being mushrooms, keep in the dark and feed shit.
There are 1200 centers presently and that number may double.

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