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You can believe anything you like. In America that is as it should be.
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Posted by: Slim ®

01/10/2021, 10:36:46

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But to blame anyone other than Trump  for inciting that riot  and being guilty of encouraging Insurrection  of the world's greatest Democracy borders on utter stupidity. Sorry Pal  but I  find it horrendously disappointing that  blind bigotry rules thinking with those I did consider possessed a love of country above blind adoration of a sadistic  egotistical cretin who  considers no one or nothing other than himself. Now I will leave you to believe what ever you like. I am only explaining that my sarcasm had nothing to do with whether or not an anti-fascist group exists. Worship Satan or whoever you choose to align yourself with.I choose to believe the POTUS  is a madman bent on destroying everything your forefathers bequeathed to you. Take care of you and stay safe..
 And I do apologize for the intrusion but I wanted to assure that you did not believe I was a supporter of Anti- fascist nutcases. Now I will give you my word  that I will not again say a word in this forum ever again. I have no right to be here. I just do love your country almost as much as my own and always have.

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