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BTW going to take a break from politics for a few days (weeks)...mebbe review my Heavy Metal magazine collection just to repair to familiar environs.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

01/08/2021, 09:16:46

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I've found that my views on politics benefit from breaks. After forgetting about politics for awhile, I come back to the questions of public policy/political discourse with refreshed perspective.

BTW, a complete collection of Heavy Metal from volume 1 through three years (it changed into something else after than which was worthless*) is the only collection I have of publications. There is a great deal of great literature in those issues - some of it profound but all of it entertaining to those who prefer a darker form of entertainment.

*The original owners of the magazine sold it to some idiots who tried to turn it into some sort of soft-porn cartoon magazine for ten-to-fifteen year old boys. I detected that it was gangster pabulum immediately - lost all interest in it after that. Which is why I have only three years of issues (the first three years) and none after that. ZERO.

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