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Posted by: LateForLunch ®

01/08/2021, 08:04:01

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There are even more-formidable applications involving swarms, which the military is already using. 

It will be demonstrated that the near-future will be a lot closer to the nightmare visions given to us by SF author William Gibson (pronounced Gibb-sun) and the darker dreams of Michael Crichton than the reassuring, provincial largely civilized world offered by Issac Azimov. Robots WILL hurt people in the next 100 years. A LOT of people. 

Whoever found it first'
Would be sure to do their worst 
They always had before - Neal Peart (Rush rock band lyricist)

The above is the actual first law of robotics. AKA the reality that ALL new technology automatically becomes applied first and foremost to creating more-efficient, deadly weapons.ALWAYS. 

Except for the Chinese invention of gun powder - for some reason they sat on the invention for a long time before someone realized they could create firearms, bombs and cannons. That was an anomaly - a strange exception to the history of technology.   

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