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We live in the post-factual era, so rational information is no longer going to be popular.
Re: It was clearly ANTIFA and BLM. KUTV reported John Sullivan of Provo Utah was arrested. He wore a "Q" shirt and stormed the Capitol. Mitt Romney marched in the BLM parade with him. LOL! -- Dee W. Post Reply Top of thread Forum

Posted by: LateForLunch

01/07/2021, 23:11:30

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The cacogens, who only require strong feelings/intuitions to hold strong opinions (yes, there are some in every political or ideological stratum) are growing in numbers and influence every day.

Most do not even identify their own nature - and think of themselves as being very rational, fact-based critical thinkers.

It is increasingly difficult not to wish to see great physical harm come to most people who support the radical revolutionary socialist Statist movement in this nation and around the world.

There, I said it. I am as sick of the cacogens as they are of listening to and having to kowtow to facts, reason, logic and objective information.

Most 'Crats would really rather have a radical socialist dictatorship with they and those like them in charge - though not one in ten-thousand are honest enough to admit it even to themselves.

In some ways I respect the ANTIFA rioters more than most 'Crats 'cause at least they are up front about their hatred for the USA, most of her people, capitalism, Natural Law, exceptionalism and morality. They don't try to pretend that they are nice people. They are hateful, miserable, ugly, vicious creatures and proud of it.

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