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Here come the drones...FAA approve new guidelines for larger drones - next comes deployment.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

01/07/2021, 22:58:11

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The way they are going to run things is requiring anyone who wants to operate a drone over about 1/2 pound in weight with an I.D. number which is supposed to be automatic. Anyone who asks the machine to broadcast its I.D. is supposed to be able to get it. If a drone fails to respond, it can be "neutralized" by a number of means (physical "plucking" from the sky by another drone, electronic "retrieval" taking over controls, crashing it, landing it).

This will allow the gummint to exercise some measure of control over the legal ones, and lay down guidelines for criteria allowing countermeasures against unidentified drone ( which they already use on a case-by-case basis).

For instance, the Secret Service and the military have machinery that disables or takes over any drone in prohibited air space.

There are counter-drones whose only purpose is to seek and either destroy or neutralize other drones.
More will be coming out on this as products absorb the guidelines and lawyers help businesses bring their products/services into compliance with the new rules/regulations.

Delivery companies are already planning to use drones to deliver packages.

I will be laying my bet down as to how long it will be before the first assassination is successful with an illegal drone ( with either a fake I.D. or no I.D.) that gets through the countermeasures and murders someone successfully. Prolly won't be in the USA, but who knows what the 'Crats are capable of doing in terms of sewing chaos in the nation.

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