the end of America
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Posted by: Vincent ®

01/07/2021, 08:46:19

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America will never be free again, congress has wiped their ass with the Constitution. 90% of our news sources are owned by 6 organizations, and can't be trusted. The Constitution will be changed, the SC will be changed, more States will be added, more Senators will be added the flag will be changed. The Chinese Communist party won the election even though Trump won by a landslide. Our elections will never be trusted again, if we ever have elections again. Congress has let the American people down, The Chinese Communist party money has bought them property in other countries so they won't have to live in this piece of shit. I will be working on my novel about a successful young man, with a successful magazine. Son of former president who was assianated. He was going to take his family on a trip, after checking out his airplane he discovered a putty in the cracks of his airplane. He called a friend who was a Navy pilot and was informed that the putty was C4, and was hooked up to the 1500 ft altimeter alarm. He made a audio tape requesting take off instructions. His Navy buddy took the airplane off 3/4 through the flight he turned the aircraft off and bailed out. after a fake funeral he has changed his name and is living under the witness protection program. Because a wannabe Presidential candidate wanted the Senate seat as a stepping stone.

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