Sorry - didn't mean to give what sounded like a flippant response.
Re: Izzat anything like Marvin Boggs's psychoanalytic prescription? "You must make the run to emotional security." <grin> -- TEEBONE Post Reply Top of thread Forum

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01/06/2021, 09:42:40

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I was a little foggy that week - under the weather. Much better now and wanted to let you know. If I thought anyone noticed, I correct it more prominently on the thread but it looks like people wisely ignored my post for the most part.

RED is a terrific movie. Any chance to interject it into the Forum is a worthy venture, so thanks.

Waltz's characters have become archetypes (sort of like Keitel's "Wolf" character) which transcend the movies he's in. His reactions are often amusing because they are direct, frank, honest but still civilized, therefore intriguing. It was that reaction which seemed worth mentioning, but not at the cost of rudeness.

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