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'Crat neighbor stopped being civil. No longer acknowledges friendly wave.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

01/06/2021, 09:07:51

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Like the latest fashion
Like a spreading disease
Getting strapped on the way to the classroom
Getting weapons with the greatest of ease...

I have to chuckle. This fool is a retired state-employed accountant who never served in the military, nor did any of his children, yet he proudly wears camo all the time. Camo hats, camo shirts, camo jackets. Weird. Like he thinks he's a tough guy 'cause he dresses up like a soldier.

I still wave to him and smile just to piss him off. He's got Alzheimers I think, so I figure he is suffering enough - I won't enable his psychosis pretending that he and I should not associate because he is a political fanatic and I refuse to enable his delusional view of the world.

I've met his son, who seems to be normal. So maybe his family can redeem his strange tranformation into a cacogen in his last years. I have sadly seen it before - people who collapse into dementia who were previously conservatives or other normal people, somehow decide that their whole previous life has been a joke from a Firesign Theater recording from the 70s to wit, "Everything You Know is Wrong". These unfortunates slip 'n' slide into chaotic emotionalism until they wind up babbling disjointed, absurd Marxist nonsense - then find others just as dull, who nod their heads and eagerly agree.

Sad how relatively easily self-described "liberals" or "socialists" are seduced into schizoaffective (neurotic) hatred of/intolerance for any strong opposition to or disagreement with their strange notions of correct morality/public policy.

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