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Another term hijacked by cacogens who assign it only the meaning THEY choose.
Re: That's obvious, Vincent. But whenever somebody (including competent, vetted experts) runs the litany, all we hear is "Debunked!" because the courts deny standing and won't allow them to enter the evidence into the official record. -- TEEBONE Post Reply Top of thread Forum

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01/05/2021, 22:45:47

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This dumbing down of language - permitting so many meanings for each word until it no longer has any precise meaning at all. Users must either be highly explicit - which anti-conservative-fanatics never all, or risk being misunderstood. 

For ACFs, "debunked" does not mean in a rational sense, but rather in a sense it never has had before. Debunked used to mean mostly that the substantive purport of a positive assertion was refuted  by rational argument (siting objective information). 

That something is not gained legal standing does not mean that it has been debunked rationally by facts, only stalled in a legal process. It is a manner of changing the subject, nothing more. 

In any formal debate, such a claim of debunking would result in the claimant losing a point to the opponent's side.  

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