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A fleeting appearance
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Posted by: JohnCharles

01/04/2021, 23:59:43

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Greetings, my esteemed ideological brethren. I can neither confirm nor deny that I am the selfsame "John Charles" who haunted this hallowed forum in decades past, an intellectual foot soldier in the unending online war for conservative values. If, perchance, this message pleases you, then let it shed a warm light upon your memories of that cherished username; if not, kindly dismiss it as trollish buffoonery forthwith and think no less of your long-absent compatriot. I come merely to offer a heartfelt appeal: If any of you have doubted for one second that your contributions to Right Minds (such as, for example, the biting wit and insight of our beloved TEEBONE) play an absolutely vital role in contemporary political thought, I beg you banish such notions posthaste. Take comfort from the possibility that a former, pseudonymous poster from the forum has, in recent years, ascended to an extraordinarily sensitive governmental position and seen, with his own eyes, the inestimable impact that your words have had on those at the VERY highest reaches of power. I can say no more. J.C., Esq. out.

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