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...or else you're just part of the landscape.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

01/03/2021, 21:16:19

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The ACFs will not repeat the mistake of not going far enough in the Eightball Obama years. Now that they have seen how utterly feckless the Republicans in Congress and the so-called "conservatives" on the SCOTUS are, they will not make that mistake again.

They are going to go for a PRC-style, top-down radical revolutionary Statis dictatorship (oligarchy) with Biden and Lucretia Borgia as figureheads (for now).

One thing you may be sure of - any supposed "leader" in the ranks of the 'Crats who does not tow the line with the Oligarchy, will be replaced swiftly and decisively.

That includes anyone in the White House or in the succession of power that leads there. They WILL NOT TOLERATE anything remotely resembling leadership.

The only authority is to be the Central Committee, and that will largely be made up of people of whom the U.S. public (outside of a scant few) has never heard before (Soros is probably the only one).

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