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The 'Crats are like the person who says they love and want to marry another but...
Re: "[W]hy can Democrats stand firm on the things people don't want, while Republicans cannot stand firm on the things people do want?" -- Eggs Ackley. -- TEEBONE Post Reply Top of thread Forum

Posted by: LateForLunch ®

01/03/2021, 01:35:13

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...what they really want is for the other to become a person they could (should) become (in the mind of the first), not who they actually are at the time. 

Conservatives and other normal people (on the other hand) want committed relationships / marriages to work based on 
who and what both are at the time, not based on who they should / could be in the future. 

In the former view, the Crats act like a partner that loves someone who has never existed. Failing to live up to those wildly unfair expectations 'Crats dream up is then seen as a species of bitter betrayal on the "loved-one's" part, not of unrealistic expectations on the Crat's part. 

So with 'Crats in the unspoken attitude the 'Crat Ruling Class has toward the electorate. The ACFs don't really love the electorate ( the USA) as they (we) are, they only love us when we are obedient or, "become what the 'Crats demand we become". 

If we are unable or unwilling to fulfill our "obligation" (to which none of us ever agreed!!) to the 'Crat Ruling Class, we then become the target of all-consuming, often homicidal, cold-blooded hatred. 

That is not actually agape (compassionate, selfless, virtuous love), it's establishing a strange bond of preposterous obligation that is deemed an entitlement, but never clearly expressed before it's applied.

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