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Brooks just had to tease the audience - but swiftly moved along in order to preserve his "G" rating.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

01/02/2021, 20:53:10

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Back then, it was a matter of financial survival at the B.O. for a film with a significant young audience to get the "G" rating.
That is all out the window now, of course. Now that licentious, libertine, demented Satanists have corrupted H-Wood to the point that what was once "R" is now considered at worst, "PG".

Disney executives actually had serious discussions with directors about making the sequel to Frozen include "revealing" that one of the central characters (prolly Elsa) was a homosexual. At the last minute, they discarded the idea, but they DID put an openly gay character in the latest remake of Beauty and the Beast (Gascon).

I'm hoping God will experiment with an Earthquake that only affects Disney film production studio properties.

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