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Unless they have also bought up all of the balloons, they will be in some deep shiznit if they try to start sump'n.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

01/02/2021, 20:35:45

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There are a LOT more armed citizens who won't easily give up their weapons than public law enforcement and military in uniform combined - even assuming most of the latter two groups would even comply with an order of such sweeping, Draconian magnitude.

IOW, if the cops won't even willingly shut down restaurants, I find it highly unlikely that they will help any regime go out into a hostile community with the intention of forcibly confiscating their firearms.

I hope YOU will be alright. Lately you have seemed a little...tense. Don't get over-wrought regardless of the outcome.

Not even four years of chaotic stupidity can destroy this nation's foundation - which is (in case you're wondering) partly people like you (tough-minded MFs who do not cower subserviently to despots).

From a popular modern film:

Loki: (brandishing his terrible weapon at crowd) Now, kneel before me. (after they kneel Loki sees one still standing, and turns to look at him)

Old Bastard: (defiantly) I will NEVER kneel to a man like you!!

Loki: (smiling, jovially addressing the last man standing) Old man! There has never been a man like me.

Old Bastard:(staring levelly) There have ALWAYS been men like you.

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